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This week we officially launch GOOD TO GROW, a programme for entrepreneurs and business leaders seeking bespoke advice and hands-on support as their business grows.

Our purpose

It’s simple. To help more British businesses become global success stories. GOOD TO GROW is a collaboration between a group of like minded organisations, Brand Remedy, Bird & Bird, JLL, Realise Capital Partners and TechCity Meet-up, who are committed to helping tech and e-commerce businesses get further, faster.

As businesses scale-up they tend to have growing pains that can hold them back. We believe we can alleviate this pain and give them the right advice to succeed. Competition for investment, to grow market share and appeal to more customers, is increasing as the market matures. GOOD TO GROW provides digital, marketing, legal and investment advice to ensure businesses have the right information for expansion whether it’s here at home, or overseas.

Where it all began

Every week, my team and I meet incredible people seeking advice on how to grow their brand, improve their website and increase their social media following. They all have these things in common: they’re driven, fearless, hardworking and optimistic – they’re British entrepreneurs. Yet so many of them are stuck, without the right resources, investment or technical expertise to move forward. Despite following their dreams, working hard and generating revenue they haven’t quite made it – so we decided to do something about it, and GOOD TO GROW was born.

We started by speaking with lots of entrepreneurs, who told us they genuinely need more tailored support, access to experts and investors and marketing advice on how to raise awareness of their brand and connect with new customers both here and overseas.

Next we approached potential partners who had expertise in these areas. Our partners have been incredible, and have added breadth and depth to the programme. As the programme grows we hope we will add more individuals and organisations to our team.

Who will benefit

GOOD TO GROW is for entrepreneurs and management teams of businesses turning over above £1million, who have a solid business plan and seed or first round investment.


The first round of events are being hosted at The Atlas marketing suite on Old Street on the 3rd and 17th November. Ten businesses will be selected to participate in each half-day workshop, with a 30 minute session with each of our experts as well as the opportunity to network with peers and investors.

For more information or to register for the workshop, email Mark Stimpfig or visit Eventbrite.

What’s next

We have a number of inspirational, informative and sector specific events coming up in 2017 and will continue to share updates via social media.

Michelle Roberts-Clarke

Michelle is Head of Strategy at Brand Remedy and has worked with growing businesses, large and small for more than 20 years.