Lee Grunnell

Insight and Communications


Lee is responsible for insight and communications and helps professional firms articulate, communicate and demonstrate how they’re distinctive.

First, he articulates a relevant, authentic and distinctive brand proposition. Then he helps communicate your marketing messages persuasive and consistently.  Last, he helps you deliver a great client experience that reinforces your brand.

As the former marketing director of three law firms Lee’s seen, first hand, the ways firms are the same and the ways they’re different. Having spoken to hundreds of clients he understands how distinctive and persuasive they find the things firms say. He’s also worked with all kinds of partners to deliver business critical pieces of work including mergers, rebrands and strategy. No-one else offers this mix of insight, ideas and experience.

As well as being part of the Brand Remedy family, he’s also the founder and director of his own advisory business, Thirteen.

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“Something distinctive exists in everyone. It just needs uncovering.”

Lee Grunnell, Insight Remedy