Financing the Economy: The future of private credit

Research literature from ACC and Dechert.

Financing the Economy is a research series, now in its fifth year, and is produced by the Alternative Credit Council (ACC) in partnership with Dechert LLP.

Financing the Economy is central to the dialogue and collaboration between managers and their key stakeholders – borrowers, investors and policymakers. It highlights the need for a continued improvement in disseminating data and educational materials to improve the understanding of the rapidly developing, private credit market.

Focusing on the growth and success challenges that will define the future of private credit over the next five years, this year’s research publication results from an in-depth global survey of more than 60 management firms, together with the thoughts and insights of 30 leading industry individuals.

Brand Remedy was invited by ACC and Dechert to design a research document that would be very different from previous years. A fresh, contemporary design, new infographics and financial charts combined with a premium paper choice and best quality printing to create a publication with high production values.

More a coffee-table book than research brochure, this year’s Financing the Economy has been well received by both our clients and the global investment community.