International Chamber of Commerce

A fresh look at ICC’s brand identity.

ICC has a simple mission: To make business work for everyone, every day, everywhere. It promotes international trade and investment on a global scale by helping businesses adapt to the challenges of trading in today’s fast-paced global economy.

ICC needs a modern brand identity to help reflect their world-leading position, so when they decided that the time had come for a brand refresh, they chose Brand Remedy to lead the process.

We consulted with the organisation before developing a series of design concepts which were tested across the global ICC community. The preferred design was then developed to provide a flexible identity system for a range of different uses.

These included an identity for global, regional, and individual country use. The identity was further extended to support a range of sub-branded services such as the Dispute Resolution Service and the World Chambers Federation.

We collaborated with the in-house team to produce a comprehensive set of brand guidelines for ICC as well as working on a range of specific communications projects.