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Breathing life into tired brands and creating new brands to grow your business.

Our services

Brand Discovery and Insight

Do you know what people think of your brand? Brand Remedy will find out by auditing brand activity and asking the right people what they think. This research allows us to benchmark you against your competitors and provides the springboard for your brand evolution.

Brand Vision and Values

Be the real you, be authentic and get noticed. Our job is to find out who you are, where you’re going and how you’re getting there. Once we’ve got it, we’ll distil your vision and values and create a compelling story that brings your people, your organisation and your offer to life.

Brand Strategy

Stand out and celebrate what makes you unique. Using the research  findings, we’ll create a coherent brand strategy that helps you reach your business ambitions. We’ll develop a consistent approach to make sure your position and personality is expressed correctly at every touch point.

Visual Identity

Is your brand feeling tired? Revitalise your visual identity and stand out for the right reasons. We can evolve your visual look and marketing communications to keep them fresh and distinctive. We’ll sharpen your tone of voice so you can effectively communicate your personality and key messages to your people and clients.

Brand Engagement

Make your people your strongest brand ambassadors. Get them living your brand. Help them understand what the brand means for them, their clients and peers. We work with you to engage your people by embedding your values and behaviours and sharing your vision and ambitions.

Brand Guardianship

Your brand is one of your most valuable assets. Brand Remedy can help retain its value and protect its evolution over time.  We’ll make sure it’s represented in the best light and expressed well across digital and print channels. We’ll make your reputation our priority and help you plan for different eventualities.

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