Insight Remedy

Helping you discover, articulate and communicate what makes you distinctive.

Our services

Inside insight

What does it feel like to work for you and work with you? Does your perception match what your people and clients really think? We’ll uncover the truth about your personality, culture and leadership style. The findings may surprise you.

Market proposition

Who are you? What do you stand for? What’s your purpose? We’ll help you articulate and communicate a relevant, authentic and distinctive market proposition. Then we’ll build a positioning statement and set of marketing messages that make you stand out.

External communications

What messages do you want people to hear? Are you retaining your personality and communicating it persuasively and consistently? We’ll help you create powerful marketing messages and deploy them consistently in each of your target markets.

Brand consideration

Do people think of you when choosing who to work with? What do they think? How can you move from brand awareness to brand consideration? We’ll make sure your marketing and new business activity connects you with the right people.

Persuasive pitches

A pitch is the ultimate piece of persuasive writing. Do your pitches make prospects and clients think, feel and do what you want them to? We’ll help you create pitches that are more distinctive and more persuasive than your competition.

Client experience

It’s the experience clients have with you that encourages loyalty and advocacy. We’ll help you deliver an experience that’s best practice at every touchpoint in the client journey. We’ll also make sure it’s distinctive to you and your brand proposition.



Message indicator

What do you say about why you’re different? Is it true? Does anyone really care? What about your competitors? We’ll compare what you and your competitors say in each market to reveal how distinctive and persuasive your messages really are.


Pitch indicator

How persuasive are your pitches? We’ve spoken to hundreds of clients to understand what they really think and feel about the pitches they see. We’ll review your pitches and show how you can improve your approach to win more work.